YOGA Classes
1. YOGA Therapy
A therapeutic Yoga class suitable for beginners and people with high blood pressure, diabetes and other health conditions. Very simple yet very helpful for the internal organs by supplying more oxygen and improving the overall blood circulation.

Basic benefits of this class:
1. Controls and regulates Blood pressures.
2. Maintains healthy Hormone levels in the body.
3. Prevents conditions like diabetes and other metabolic disorders.
4. Good for over all aches and pains especially good to treat conditions like Arthritis.
5. Over all sense of wellbeing and happiness.
The word Asthanga is divided as ASTHA ( EIGHT ) ANGA( LIMBS) referring to eight limbs of yoga. Very commonly practiced to develop stamina and lose weight. Don’t forget to check your weight after a few sessions of this class.

Basic benefits of this class:
1. Significant results in losing weight.
2. Improves athletic performance and muscle endurance.
3. Improves core stability and posture.
4. Burns at least 500 to 600 kilo calories per session.
5. Weight control is the one of the main aim of this class.
Following the name this class is a perfect combination of ancient yoga postures & modern modified yoga techniques to obtain over all body strength, power in to your muscles and to boost your immune system.

Basic benefits of this class:
1. Basic yoga practice yet effective in improving overall performance.
2. Boosts your immune system, hence works like a natural antibiotic for the body.
3. Enhances over all body strength and stamina.
4. Fires up the metabolism hence also effective in losing weight.
5. Stimulates internal glandular system resulting in homeostasis (Maintenance of internal environment).
This class focuses on core muscles majorly stomach, pelvic floor, and lower back and waist line muscles. Postures are performed in a rhythmic way to increase the length of the spine and improve joint space. The overall aim of this class is to obtain core muscle strength. We believe everyone likes the flat stomach and a healthy spine!!

Basic benefits of this class:
1. Tones spinal nerves and adjacent structure.
2. Increases inter vertebral joint space.
3. Prevents conditions like spinal tuberculosis, pots spine, Kyphosis , scoliosis or kyphoscoliosis.
4. Tones belly muscle and burns belly fat.
5. Strengthens core structures like Pelvic floor , oblique muscles , Abdominal muscles and Lower back muscles.
A unique combination of classical Asana’s (POSTURES) & PRANAYAMA (BREATHING TECHNIQUES) to improve your lung functions , pumping more oxygen into your internal organs , and to improve overall peripheral circulation for healthier skin and clear state of mind.

Basic benefits of this class:
1. Improves lung vital capacity and lung functions.
2. Very effective in improving stamina.
3. Prevents chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases like Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis, common cold and cough.
4. Improves peripheral circulation and tones the skin for a radiant appearance.
5. Improves oxygen supply to internal organs.
A traditional Yoga technique coming from the linage of first ever masters who brought Yoga into this world (MAHARSHI PATANJALI). This class is suitable for all levels of Yoga

Basic benefits of this class:
1. Improves flexibility of spine, pelvic structures.
2. Gains more joint mobility.
3. Opens skin pores , stimulates sweat glands and facilitates proper metabolism.
4. Improves mental stability, concentration and sense of awareness.
5. Repairs joint structures improves new cell formation.
The word vinyasa denotes transformation from one posture to another posture in a flow. A gentle paced class allowing each practitioner to settle in and not rushing to the posture obtaining maximum results from it. Breathing is a very important aspect of this class.

Basic benefits of this class:
1. Brings out a sense of calmness and mindfulness.
2. Improves cognitive and coordinating functions of the body.
3. Tones spine, thighs and burns belly fat.
4. Improves flexibility organ functions.
5. Improves bone density and helps in creating and stronger muscular-skeletal system.
As Sun denotes the right side of the body in yogic body types just like YANG in Chinese Medicine. To generate heat into your body hence increasing your basal metabolic rate helping you to lose weight and awaken your overall senses. Highly recommended for those suffering from common colds, respiratory.

Basic benefits of this class:
1. Tremendous results in losing weight.
2. Enhances immune system hence prevents conditions like common cold and respiratory disorders.
3. Accelerates formation of new blood cells.
4. Eradicates feeling of laziness and lethargy.
5. Stimulates the central nervous system and hence prepares the body for the rest of the day.
A slow paced class with the overall sedative effect on the body. Postures and breathing are performed in an orderly fashion to calm the nervous system and reduce overall joint stiffness and tension from the body. Highly recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure and Insomnia.

Basic benefits of this class:
1. Sedative effect on the nervous systems.
2. Reduces stress and controls moon swings.
3. Advantageous for anyone suffering from high blood pressure and sleeplessness.
4. Improves over all co-ordination.
5. Controls emotional disturbances and anxiety.
Stretching, strengthening, breathing and balancing are 4 major aspects of yoga. This class improvises on balancing postures hence improving your concentration power, increasing muscle tone and joint density also strengthening the overall skeletal system.

Basic benefits of this class:
1. Improves concentration and balance.
2. Strengthens leg and thigh muscles.
3. Improves core strength and also effective in weight loss.
4. Prevents arthritis of knee , ankle and hip joints.
5. Stretching of overall muscular structure.
A healthy spine is an important aspect for a healthy body. Specific postures are combined in order to strengthen the back muscles and increase the life of your spine. Highly recommended for those who work long hours on computers, have spinal injuries or have back pain.

Basic benefits of this class:
1. Makes the spine supple and increases its life span.
2. Strengthenes as well as tones the spinal muscles and spinal nerves for better posture.
3. Increases the joint space between spinal vertibrae therefore increases the length of spine.
4. Prevents common backaches and degeneration of spinal vertibrae as well as improves locomotion and gait control.
5. Helps maintain anatomical S – shape of spine and avoids conditions like kyphosis, scoliosis and kyposcoliosis.
Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” is a sleep-like state which yogis experience during their meditation. The practice of yoga Nidra has been found to reduce tension and anxiety. The autonomic symptoms of high anxiety such as headache, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, and sweating, abdominal pain can be cured as well as prevented. Yoga Nidra refers to the conscious awareness of the deep sleep state. One hour of yoga Nidra is equivalent to eight hours of deep sleep.

Basic benefits of this class:
1. Excellent results on reducing stress and anger management.
2. Reduces anxiety and emotional disturbances.
3. Boosts immune system and cell repair.
4. Highly recommended for high blood pressure and insomnia.
5. Anti ageing effect.