Master & Me Program
Master & Me
It’s a private lesson conducted by Master especially for one student only in the class when being asked for.
Why do Master & Me ?

Earlier Yoga was practiced in private lessons only as to ensure correct postures and correct techniques of breathing for absolute and quicker results. As of now  yoga is popular worldwide and practiced in larger groups to make it accessable to everyone easily and to reduce cost, However private yoga lessons are and always have been a great way to start your journey with yoga.

Private yoga lessons are designed especially to accommodate any injuries, health concerns, and loose weight faster or other limitations you may have. Maybe you’ve put off attending your first yoga class because you’re concerned about re-injury. Working one-on- one with an instructor will give you the opportunity to learn valuable modifications and postures to avoid for now when you are in class.

If you have specific goals you are trying to achieve. If you are coming to yoga for a specific reason, whether physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional, and would like some guidance on how to tailor a group class to get the most out of it for you,  private lessons are a great way to get started.

Reducing/eliminating any level of intimidation associated with attending a group class for the first time. When doing  private sessions, your instructor can prepare you for what to expect in class and give you enough basics to make you feel comfortable which will ensure your health and safety while practicing in larger class with many other.